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A Shanghai taste memory found in Hawaii
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You’ll find this tropical treat—finely shaved, not crushed ice, flavored with fruity syrups—throughout Hawaii. We began coming to these islands over 30…
Spam, the world-famous seasoned pork meat in a can, celebrates its 85th anniversary this year. And sales are booming, with tens of millions cans hopping…
Please welcome back my wife, Dorothy, for another guest post! She sure has an eye, and taste, for some intriguing snacking in Kauai. The population of…
If there’s one food that should be Hawaii’s state dish it’s Saimin? And what is that? Noodle soup. But it’s not just any noodle soup. It’s fantastic…
I love eating pineapple at breakfast every morning. I serve it, diced, piled into the cavity of a papaya topped with drops of calamansi lime. For me…
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